Stilmat is leading brand

The high quality products on the market across Europe

Stilmat is an international brand for mats. It was established in early 1990s and specialized in entrance mats, which are not only sold, but manufactured by the company in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standard and ISO 14001:2004. Stilmat gained an excellent reputation and become a synonym for high quality aluminum doormats. Stilmat has progressively developed over two generations, designing and manufacturing entrance carpeting and matting systems under the Stilmat brand, encompassing a wide range of the most popular designs currently available on the market. Stilmat established a network of distributors in many countries. In Serbia, however, Stilmat continued to deliver directly to the end users which allows Stilmat to keep in touch with architects, building contractors and consumers.

A major factor in Stilmat success is the ability to build long term business relationships with customers through its comprehensive after sales service; ranging on maintenance and damage repair services and comprehensive refurbishment programs unique to Stilmat. Our clients are the biggest and most prestigious institutions, concerns and commercial networks. Customers especially appreciated the entrance mat for their functionality and their design. High quality and price winning mats and doormats have found their use at entrances and walking lines of shopping malls, offices, hospitals, shops and residential buildings. Superior quality of our products is backed by many years of experience, reliability of materials and proven production processes. Our doormats make an entrance perfect and more beautiful and the interior cleaner and easier to maintain on the most prestigious residential buildings, hospitals, airports, shopping centers and other public facilities. Stilmat brand stands out by the highest quality workmanship and used elements (all profiles are protected by anodizing, the strongest construction, most durable connections, the best, the fastest and most precise manufacture) ..

Through innovation in business processes and the implementation of international standards. Stilmat continues to provide top quality products to markets around the Europe. This enabled us to become a synonymous with doormat in the region, and often all aluminum doormats are being identified with the brand Stilmat. We are proud of the title of an official innovator in the production of aluminum mats.

All employees are encouraged to contribute new ideas in the innovation process in our company. Firm support to the company’s growth is an up to date development of new products. The production process follows the constant quality control, which includes all relevant factors of production conditions, the results of testing during the production, control of raw materials and production records. We foster a corporate culture that supports professionalism, expertise, innovation, willingness to learn and commitment.


1990 – Stilmat starts production of entrance matting system
1995 – Award SREBRNI KLJUČ on furniture BELGRADE fair
1996 – Award KRUG 300 – Belgrade best
1998 – Stilmat start to export entrance mats to Europe
2003 – Award GRAMATA Saborne crkve, Orthodox church
2008 – Implementation of ISO 9001:2000
2011 – Stilmat exports in more than ten European countries
2012 – Expanding its product range with 5 new models
2014 – Releases innovative aluminum LOGO mats
2015 – Stilmat has expanded its product range to more than 100 models, including the most exclusive and most expensive mats in the world, decorated with Swarovski crystals. For the markets of Western Europe Stilmat manufactures for some of the most famous companies in this field, under their own name and operates in 15 countries. In the domestic market it successfully cooperates withall the leading construction companies, maintenance and furnishing companies, architects, contractors, as well as with the leader in floor coverings – Floor Gallery with its 38 stores in 30 cities.

Advantages of Stilmat product range

  • highly professional company specialized in mats manufacture
  • highly professional approach to each client
  • large range of mats for each facility
  • made from the finest materials
  • the highest quality finishing
  • production of mats of all shapes, sizes and designs
  • possibility of installation in different types of surfaces
  • flexibility, fast production, delivery and installation
  • possibility of creating a logo, add-ons, LEDs
  • tradition, experience, our customers and the number of our customers is a guarantee of quality in 1990.